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About Michael Todd Chrisley

Michael Todd Chrisley has always been thrifty when it comes to buying companies, but his venture into the medical field was no day at the flee market. The research alone was over $300,000, and to acquire any company that could bring a profit to the table within 18 months was no less than 3 million. The end of the road seemed to be close after 4 months of non-stop research and Michael had his sites set on a little firm in Orlando, Florida. The company, who shall remain nameless, produced high grade medical products for the pediatric field.

Michael Todd Chrisley has the company in his Sites

Michael Todd Chrisley is an expert negotiater, but had little working knowledge of the industry he was about to venture into. Surrounding himself was a team of industry professional, but there was one problem. None of them could agree on the direction Michael Todd Chrisley company should take. The problem stemmed from all of these experts having served a niche area in their field, but not having the business expertise to provide key votes for the direction Todd Chrisley needed to pursue.

Michael Todd Chrisley Reflections

Looking back it would seem Michael Todd Chrisley should never have gone into business with his brother Todd Chrisley. Not too long after the talks of pursuing this company Todd Chrisley struck out on his own and started his own company based on the plans that Michael and Todd were working on together. A little brotherly competition was never a part of the plan. Being that Michael Todd Chrisley and Todd Chrisley were both vested in the original project, they couldn't agree on terms and haven't spoken since.

End of the Michael Todd Chrisley and Todd Chrisley relationship

Michael and Todd have not spoken in twelve years, and to this day have no intention of repairing the broken relationship

Michael Todd Chrisley Biography